Fair Is Fair Healthcare

It’s time for Seattle Single-Payer.

It would be sensible and economical to open up the City of Seattle’s healthcare plans to anyone who lives or works in Seattle who wants to pay the premium. It’s a real Cadillac plan that is likely more generous yet more affordable than what folks are doing on their own or through their employer.

Most municipalities, many corporations and lots of unions are self-insured. Self-insurance pools cut out the insurance companies other than using them for administration of the self-insurance and it turns out that the bigger the pool the lower the costs.

The City of Seattle is self-insured and that plan covers about 28,000 people – most of their employees, their children, and some spouses. We could make that 100,000 people or 200,000 people.  It’s literally the more, the merrier or at least the cheaper. 

For employers to be able to just put the cost of that in someone’s check and have it all be handled elsewhere, they’d save money and headaches.

This could be helpful to anyone who isn’t on Medicaid or Medicare.  

This would also make health insurance more portable. Workers wouldn’t be shackled to “benefits” so much. More freedom to navigate a family, a career, a life.

And it wouldn’t cost the city an extra dime because the pool pays to participate in the program, not the city. 

Here is a summary of some of the benefits:

  • Provides an option for anyone who doesn’t qualify for Medicaid or Medicare
  • Reduces individual costs with enlarged self-insured pool
  • Strengthens bargaining power with providers and pharmaceutical companies
  • Gives workers more flexibility with portable insurance
  • Simplifies employee health insurance benefits for businesses
  • Adds no costs for the City of Seattle

Let’s lead the way. Fair Is Fair Healthcare has no drawbacks and provides better coverage than most plans for less money. Everyone wins. 

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