Vote for Kate Martin for City Council District 6

Thanks for your support. Please make a $10 contribution (or larger, but no more than $250) so that I can start cashing my Democracy Vouchers. I have 123 contributions, so far. I need just 27 more to reach 150. Won’t you help?

Kindly click here to make a $10 contribution online.

If you prefer writing a check, please make your check payable to:
Put Kate On the Council

As irked as some folks get with this, I apologize, but as per the Public Disclosure Commission in Olympia, please make a note on the check or enclosed with your contribution that identifies your occupation and employer.

Here is the physical and mailing address:

Put Kate on the Council
412 NW 73rd St
Seattle, WA 98117-4927

By the way, you are always encouraged and welcome to personally drop off contributions and vouchers at my house. If I’m here, I’d love to see you. If I’m not, I have a “Vouch for Kate” box by the door. Thank you, neighbor.