Transparent Campaigns

In anticipation of running an extremely transparent office, I am running a transparent campaign.

I wish to turn the tables and call for immediate daylighting and reform of the status quo candidate questionnaire system.
Behind the scenes, candidates have to answer dozens and dozens of questionnaires from special interest groups and media, but voters don’t get to see most of the questionnaires and the tedious and redundant process takes candidates away from voters. The campaign staff wind up winging it toward the end which is really too bad because I’m pretty certain voters want answers directly from candidates, not staffers. 

Who knew, right? 

I also think  there needs to be other reforms to candidate communications protocols, to shine more light and throttle back on secrecy. The voters should know who is talking to who and what they’re talking about. If the voters told me they wanted me to wear a body camera down at city hall, I would because we’re all pretty mad out here in voter land about how opaque things are down at City Hall. A new City Council could decide to be much more transparent. It would be a refreshing change.

Looking further in the future, the logical office to help develop the rules and manage access to the information is Seattle Ethics and Elections. I think it’s a do-able step we can take toward transparency and open government. 

I’m calling for a publicly-selected, universal set of questions for candidates because – as I like to say – this is not my first rodeo, and anyone who has run for office in Seattle knows there are just too many questionnaires and they’re too private.

I’m also calling for word limits on the responses from the candidates for obvious reasons, LOL. 

A predictable and logical schedule for posting questions and answers makes sense.  Candidates will be encouraged to gain content competency in the subject areas if they don’t already have it. As a candidate has a chance to study up, hear from more voters and sharpen their positions, they could edit their responses to keep them fresh. More importantly, if we want more policy and less politics from our electeds, then they need to do their homework, not claim they’re just politicians leaving the important policy development work to others. 

I’m calling for a questionnaire editing deadline that coincides with the Voter’s Guide deadline and intermediate deadlines for responses, so candidates are encouraged to make their draft positions public earlier. This will help  voters to differentiate candidates. 

It would be golden if registered voters could make public comments as constituents under the candidate responses by logging in with their voter card ID and using their real names. Wow, that alone would be amazing. 

Hat tip to the Downtown Seattle Association, the only organization with a transparent questionnaire process so far!

Here is my partial journal of questionnaire requests and the responses associated with them:

April 19, 2019 Ballard Alliance

From: Mike Stewart <>
Sent: Thursday, April 18, 2019 2:29 PM
Subject: Ballard Alliance Candidate Forum Questionnaire

Good afternoon Kate,

On behalf of the Ballard Alliance, I’d like to invite you to a District 6 Candidate Forum that will be held on Wednesday, May 15 from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. at Leif Erikson Hall – 2245 NW 57th St, Seattle, WA 98107.

Because there are currently more than ten candidates who have filed for the District 6 City Council position, we will not have room for every candidate. To that end, we are requesting that you complete the attached questionnaire and return it to me by 5:00 p.m. on Monday, April 22. Responses will be evaluated by the Ballard Alliance Board of Directors and up to 6 candidates will be selected for participation in the May 15 Candidate’s Forum.

Thank you in advance for your response.


Ballard Alliance

(206) 784-9705


District 6 Candidate Forum Questionnaire

Please complete the following questionnaire and return to by 5:00 p.m. on Monday, April 22.

Responses will be evaluated by the Ballard Alliance Board of Directors and up to 6 candidates will be selected for participation in the May 15 Candidate’s Forum.

1. Why are you running for the Seattle City Council District 6 position and what are your qualifications?

2. What are the top three issues currently facing the City that you hope to address as a City Councilmember?

3. Do you think the city is on the right track or wrong track in working with and supporting neighborhood businesses?

4. What is your approach for addressing the homelessness issue? What’s working now and what needs to be done differently?

5. What is your approach for improving public safety for all residents? What’s working now and what needs to be done differently?

6. Have you studied the city’s budget? Do you think revenue growth is high, about normal, or are more resources needed?

7. To date, how many voters have you contacted through doorbelling?

8. What are your total campaign contributions to date?


On Thu, Apr 18, 2019 at 3:01 PM <> wrote:

Hi Mike.

Thanks for your message.

Could you let me know if your questionnaire responses will be made public?  I’m running a Transparent Campaign in anticipation of running a very transparent office. So far, only the Downtown Seattle Association is running a transparent questionnaire process.  I applaud them for that. I hope you have the same policy.

Kind regards,



From: Mike Stewart <>
Sent: Friday, April 19, 2019 11:23 AM
Subject: Re: Ballard Alliance Candidate Forum Questionnaire

Hi Kate,

The candidate questionnaire is not part of any formal endorsement process. It is merely a screener that will allow us to select up to 6 candidates to participate in our upcoming forum, which will be open to the public.

Thank you!

Mike Stewart, Executive Director

Ballard Alliance

(206) 784-9705


From: <>
Sent: Friday, April 19, 2019 1:16 PM
To: ‘Mike Stewart’ <>
Subject: RE: Ballard Alliance Candidate Forum Questionnaire

Hi Mike.

Thanks for the message.  

I’ll need to decline participation in your process due to both the lack of transparency of the questionnaires and the uneven treatment of the candidates.  

All 12 candidate questionnaires would need to be made public and all 12 candidates would need to be able to participate in the forum as long as they had passed the SEEC threshold for fundraising.

It’s tempting for organizations to want to have their own primary by winnowing down the number of candidates for their own convenience, but it’s not very democratic, so I prefer not to be a part of that.  

If anything should change about your protocols to made them transparent and democratic, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,


March 25 , 2019 Seattle Hospitality for Progress

Dear candidate,

On behalf of Seattle Hospitality for Progress, the political arm of the Seattle Restaurant Alliance and Seattle Hotel Association, I am writing to invite you to participate in our 2019 endorsement process.

As a first step in this process, we ask that you complete the attached 2019 candidate questionnaire by Monday, April 8 at 5:00 p.m.

We will use responses to the questionnaire to help determine who we invite to participate in the next step in the process, which is a sit-down interview with our leadership committee.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the questionnaire or endorsement process, or if you will be unable to meet the April 8 deadline.

Thank you,

Teddi McGuire
Local Government Affairs Assistant Coordinator
Seattle Restaurant Alliance & Seattle Hotel Association

Here’s the Questionnaire:


Seattle Hospitality for Progress seeks to educate candidates on issues facing the hospitality community and endorses and supports candidates for office in the City of Seattle. We represent the diverse restaurant and hotel sectors of Seattle’s economy, which includes more than 2,700 restaurants and 100 hotels.


Responses are due Monday, April 8 by 5:00 p.m.

To submit your completed questionnaire, or if you have any questions, please contact Teddi McGuire at

Basic Information

Candidate Name:

Party Affiliation:

Phone Number:

Email Address:


General Questions

*Who is your political consultant?

  • What endorsements have you received?
  • How much money have you raised to date?
  • Are you participating in the Democracy Voucher program?
  • Why are you running for this office?
  • What is your vision for Seattle?
  • What are the main issues you see facing the hospitality community in Seattle?
  • What would you do to support the hospitality industry in Seattle?
  • Why are you interested in the endorsement of Seattle Hospitality for Progress?
  • How would you use the endorsement of Seattle Hospitality for Progress?

Hi Teddi.

Thank you for your message. Having spent over a decade in the hotel and restaurant business with Four Seasons Hotels here in Seattle, I’m very interested in your organization and efforts.

Could you let me know if your questionnaire and endorsement processes are public? I’m running a Transparent Campaign which you could learn more about here:

I’ll look forward to your response.

Kind regards,

Kate Martin

March 18, 2019 From Transportation for Washington

Hello, I hope this message finds you well.  

Transportation for Washington endorses candidates throughout Washington State that support creating healthy, safe and affordable communities connected by transit, walking, and biking programs. We are looking for candidates that will grow funding for transit and active transportation, keep transportation investments on track, and work on associated issues such as housing, land use, and climate to create holistic policies.   

Information on Transportation for Washington’s endorsement process, including the 2019 candidate questionnaire, is now available on our website, 

Thanks for your candidacy. We hope to hear from you soon!

Best wishes,

Kelsey & Transportation for Washington


Hi Kelsey.

Thank you for your message.

I’m am running a Transparent Campaign. Can you tell me if all of your questionnaire responses are public?


Kate Martin


Hi Kate, for Seattle during the primaries we are not endorsing but providing “candidate scorecards” to voters. We will be publishing all answers from all candidates (there are yes/no questions only). 

Candidates have the option to add explanations, which we will provide to our board members; however we will not be publicly publishing those optional explanations as that detracts from the scorecard format.

Hope this helps. I understand and appreciate that it is a burden to answer many questionnaires. 




February 25, 2019 National Women’s Political Caucus Washington

From: Cathy Allen <>
Sent: Tuesday, February 19, 2019 2:56 PM
Subject: Fw: Congratulations on becoming a candidate, Kate


On behalf of the National Women’s Political Caucus of Washington, we are thrilled to see you file early — it’s the best way to establish the agenda in your race, and setting the message and starting early is one of the characteristics of many of our winning women campaigns (starting with Patty Murray and her first US Senate race!).

There are two important ways that the NWPCWA can be of help to you. First, we are offering two candidate trainings for women candidates — the first on Saturday, March 2nd in Tacoma and the second, also on a Saturday but in Everett at Everett Community College. Both will get underway at 8 am and last until 6 pm, with breakfast and lunch provided. The cost is $40 if you are already a member of the NWPCWA, and $65 if you are not. 

Last year we trained more than 200 women on the basics of asking for donations, developing your campaign plan, your image, voice and presentation, technology and social media, as well as dealing with negative attacks. And, you probably know how successful we were — as we broke our own record of 40% women in the state legislature (now at 60 women).

These trainings have been our trademark as the oldest national women’s political organization — they are safe spaces to ask any questions you may have about your campaign. 

Please consider RSVP’ing as soon as you can — as we always max out our attendance before the event itself. Just go to to register. You’ll be in very good company.

The other way we can help is that we endorse only women candidates — the best one running in each race. We have a thoughtful questionnaire regarding women’s equality, equal pay, family leave, woman’s right to choose, child care concerns, women’s health and more. After you send in the questionnaire (online), you will be contacted by someone on our Endorsement Committee , and asked to meet with the Committee within a few weeks. After the interview, within a few days after the interview, we meet to determine who should be endorsed.

So many woman throughout the country tell us time and time again that the NWPC endorsement was the first they ever received: former Gov. Chris Gregoire, our new Commerce Commissioner and former US Congressional candidate Lisa Brown, both our women US Senators and many more. Please watch for the questionnaire as the deadline comes up quickly.

And, we would be remiss if we did not ask you to become a member of the NWPCWA ($65 — the best campaign investment you will ever make). Head to our website at and join us. Our job is to recruit, train and support women candidates…and we’re excited that you’re running. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Thank you even more for running!

Good Luck!

Cathy Allen

NWPC of Washington State &

National Vice-President, National Women’s Political Caucus

Become a Member National Women’s Political Caucus of Washington News Celebrating 2018 Campaign Heroines. Each year, as the election comes to a close, we ask our endorsed women candidates to nominate a woman who helped them on their campaign.   The NWPC is a multi-partisan grassroots membership organization dedicated to increasing the number of women in elected and appointed office at all levels of government.


Sent: Monday, February 25, 2019 12:42 PM
To: Cathy Allen
Subject: RE: Congratulations on becoming a candidate, Kate

Hi Cathy.

Thanks for your message.

Could you tell me if you’re questionnaires are public?

I know I’ve gone through the process with NWPCWA a few times before. I remember asking each time whether someone could give me feedback on the review of my questionnaire and interview when I was not endorsed, but I didn’t receive any, so I didn’t learn anything from the effort.  

I’ve pledged a Transparent Campaign, so it would be good to know if your organization’s process qualifies.

Kind regards,

Kate Martin


I will find out what has happened in the past and be glad to give you some feedback Kate. And I am not certain of the transparency issue as I know there are some candidates who request confidentiality. Will check both these out and be back to you by tomorrow, okay?



Thank you, Cathy.


Because many of our questions deal with a woman’s right to choose, and because women we interviewed have been harassed, sent hate mail, and even been followed, the Caucus decided several years ago to hold them confidential. If you want to release yours, you are free to do so, of course.

Regarding your own previous questionnaires, I will be meeting with former endorsement chairs of the NWPC and will ask them specifically about your endorsements so you know what had been a concern for them (if anything, as it could be there was just better reasons to endorse someone else. But I do so agree you need to know in the event there is something you can do differently to give you more support.

I will email you after I speak with as many who sat in on your endorsement interview as possible. 

Thanks for your patience!



Hi Cathy.

I know it’s complicated what I’m asking for.

Meanwhile, could you send me a summary of what you are looking for in a Seattle City Councilmember, generally and specifically?

That would be a good starting point for me to address your questionnaire and interview in any case or if I have any questions about your positions or arguments, I can ask about them.

Kind regards, Kate


From: Cathy Allen <>
Sent: Wednesday, March 20, 2019 10:46 AM
Subject: Re: We do not disclose what is said on the questionnaires to the general public

What we are looking for is someone who is a strong advocate for the empowerment side of women’s issues (right to choose, equal pay, child care, family leave, equal representation — more women elected, appointed, hired into management posts– sexual harassment, domestic violence, LBGTQ rights and respect).

Who can win…has raised the money, is competitive with other women running in her race, is well-known among those candidates, has a strong team with volunteers at her side; no lone rangers; no one issue candidates; no extremists; and no one who is only relying on democracy vouchers to win.

We want someone likeable, who is good with people, even those who she does not agree with; who can disagree but still be civil.

We want to see accomplishments that have to do with betterment of women, children, immigrants, LGBTQ community, the homeless, the disenfranchised, minorities, and others who face hard times and low income.

That’s the best I feel will get you there.


On Mar 20, 2019, at 1:30 PM, “” <> wrote:

Thanks for this Cathy.

Can you tell me if there’s anyone currently on the City Council currently who you endorsed?




I would think we support Lisa Herbold, and Debora Juarez, as they were endorsed four years ago. No one else.

Sent from my iPhone

February 27, 2019 Seattle Firefighters Local 27

Dear Candidate,

Seattle Fire Fighters would like to commend you for seeking elected office. Fire Fighters truly understand the meaning, spirit, and sacrifice of public service and we hold our elected officials in the highest regard for their commitment to the citizens of Seattle.

Seattle Fire Fighters are active participants in the electoral process to maintain and advance the safety, health, and working conditions for Fire Fighters and to ensure that Public Safety is a priority for Seattle.

As the first step of our endorsement process Seattle Fire Fighters invite you to complete our questionnaire attached.

We currently have a few appointments available for tomorrow, February 28th.  Please let us know if you are available the following times.


If you have any questions regarding this questionnaire, please contact Local 27 (206) 285-1271.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Local 27


Seattle Fire Fighters Union Local 272019 Candidate Endorsement Questionnaire

  1. Campaign Information

Candidate Name __________________________________________________________

Position Sought __________________________________________________________

Campaign Committee Name_________________________________________________

Address _________________________________________  Zip code _______________

Campaign Phone Number __________________________________________________

Other Phone Number­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ ______________________    Fax Number____________________

Email Address ___________________________________________________________

Website Address __________________________________________________________

Facebook ­­­­­­­­­­­­­_______________________________________________________________

Twitter _________________________________________________________________

Campaign Manager Name__________________________________________________

Campaign Manager Phone Number ___________________________________________

Campaign Information

  1. Have you ever run for or held an elected office? (please circle one)

Yes                   No

  • If so, did you receive the endorsement of Local 27 or another IAFF affiliate?

Yes                  No

  • If so, did you receive the endorsement of any labor organizations?  If yes, please list.

                                                Yes                  No

  • Have you received the endorsement of any labor organization(s) for your current campaign?  If yes, please list.
  • Please describe your campaign manager’s experience.
  • Please identify your campaign consultant(s).
  • Do you have a written campaign plan?
  • What is your campaign fundraising goal?
  1. Please briefly describe your campaign budget.
  • What other endorsements have you received to date?
  • What other endorsements do you expect/want to receive?
  • What role will public safety issues play in your campaign?  Please provide details.
  • Describe any union experience and or past support for the labor movement.
  1. Priorities
  2. What will your priorities be if elected?
  • What are the most significant issues facing Seattle?
  • What committees are you interested in serving on?
  • What public safety issues will you focus on if elected?
  • What labor issues will you focus on if elected?
  • What issues are you aware of that are challenging the Seattle Fire Department and Seattle Fire Fighters and how you would address these issues as an elected official?
  • If elected, will you meet or respond to Seattle Fire Fighters in a timely manner when we request it due to a concern or question?
  1. Seattle Fire Fighter Issues

PTSD and Fire Fighter Suicide

On the job stresses have a direct link to a high rate of PTSD and suicide for firefighters and EMTs. The Seattle Fire Department has actually experienced two suicides within 12 months in 2016. Research has shown that fire fighters have a higher rate of PTSD than the general population. According to the American Psychiatric Association, the rate of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in the general population ranges from seven percent to nine percent. Various research studies pertaining specifically to firefighters have cited PTSD rates for firefighters ranging from 16 percent to as high as 24 percent. Most people associate PTSD with the military (combat veterans). It has been referred to as “shell shock” and “battle fatigue.” The use of these terms has been slowly fading as public awareness of PTSD has increased. What has also changed is that there is an increased willingness to seek professional help for PTSD. It is difficult to determine the number of fire fighters who have PTSD. Many firefighters will not admit they have PTSD due to the social and professional stigma attached to psychological issues. In addition, fire fighters are typically concerned that seeking help for mental health issues could negatively impact their careers. 

If elected, will you support efforts, resources, and funding for programs to ensure the mental and emotional health of fire fighters?

Assaults on Fire Fighters

Seattle Fire Fighters Union, Local 27 has multiple fire fighters who have sustained injuries due to being assaulted by citizens while providing emergency care. Assaults on fire fighters and paramedics have been escalating over the last couple of years. One of the fire fighters who was assaulted during an EMS response may not even be able to return to work due to the injuries he sustained. In addition, citizens who assault a fire fighter or paramedic are not held accountable and charged appropriately for this crime. 

If elected, will you support efforts to reduce assaults on fire fighters? 

If elected, can we count on you to support legislation that sends a strong message that assaulting fire fighters will be not be tolerated in Seattle?

Post-Retirement Medical Coverage

Fire fighting is a dangerous, labor-intensive, and physically demanding job that requires a high degree of skill and efficiency.

Fire fighters are typically unable to work effectively beyond their mid-fifties. Furthermore, fire fighters are more susceptible to certain types of cancers.

Medicare coverage does not begin until 65. Thus, after many years of dedicated service most Seattle Fire Fighters must provide their own medical coverage for up to 14 years after retirement creating a significant financial impact at a time when fire fighter’s health is at risk.

Post-retirement healthcare from retirement until Medicare is a significant financial burden that is unusual for most workers.

If elected, will you support efforts to support the healthcare coverage needs of fire fighters between retirement and Medicare?

Fire Department Service Increases

Demands on the Seattle Fire Department continue to increase at an alarming rate.

Seattle has experienced unprecedented growth in the last several years and has been the fasted growing city in the United States since 2010, adding 116,000 more citizens, which is an 18.7% increase in population.  This is Seattle’s greatest rate of growth since the Klondike Goldrush in 1896.

The homeless/street population has also increased. Seattle Fire Fighters serve every member of our community without regard to financial status, immigration status, or any other criteria. We respond 24 hours a day to alleys and parks as well as to homes and hotels. We serve those living on the streets of Broadway and Belltown as well as those living in the homes of Broadmoor and Blue Ridge. We respond daily into unauthorized homeless encampments to answer the calls of the people living there. These responses have increased dramatically and have become more challenging in many ways.

Meanwhile, over the years the department has eliminated several Fire Engines and Aid Cars due to budget cuts. The growing number of vulnerable Seattle residents including the elderly, people with mental health issues, people with drug and alcohol addictions, and the homeless, are inundating Seattle’s fire fighters with 911 calls that are not acute emergencies although they are in need of help. 911 is oftentimes the primary source of medical care for some of these populations. When fire fighters respond to these calls they are no longer available for more time-sensitive critical emergencies.

Fire department resources have been reduced overall. Normally when a single unit approaches 3500 responses annually then additional resources are considered. SFD has single units responding to 4,000, 5,000, 6,000, 7,000 and over 8,000 responses annually. This is not sustainable.

In 2002 it was projected that 10,963 housing units would be added to South Lake Union by 2020. Between 2004 and 2010, 1.78 million square feet of biotech space was constructed, 2.2 million square feet of office space was constructed, and a total of 257,679 square feet of retail space was constructed. So far, actual development has exceeded the highest projected growth by 10 percent. An economic study has projected up to $154 million in new direct tax revenue may be generated by redevelopment between 2005 and 2025, with as many as 23,000 jobs created in South Lake Union by 2020. Currently, in South Lake Union Seattle Fire Fighters provide fire and life safety services to over 50,000 additional citizens with the same level of resources we had ten years ago.

We must provide the necessary resources to keep pace with the growing demands of our thriving city. services must be properly prioritized and maintained at the required minimum levels.

If elected, will you oppose any reductions and support increases to fire department services?

If elected, will you always ensure that emergency services are maintained at safe and appropriate levels?

If elected, are you willing to oppose efforts to cut or reduce fire department response times or resources, especially in lieu of other non-essential services?

SFD Uniformed Dispatchers

Seattle has one the best and most responsive 911 operations in the nation. One significant reason for this is that Seattle has experienced uniformed fire fighters answering 911 calls and dispatching aid. Having experienced fire fighters as 911 Dispatchers allows the fire fighters on scene and those they are helping get the proper resources. Having experienced fire fighters as 911 Dispatchers is also important because their experience is critical in the allocation of the City’s finite fire protection and life safety resources. In other words, making sure that the proper apparatus and personnel are dispatched to the most serious aid calls.

If elected, will you oppose elimination of uniformed fire fighters as Dispatchers at the Seattle 911 call center?    

5-Person Ladder Companies

The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) sets national standards for the fire service to protect the public and make fire fighters as safe as possible when they do their job. NFPA 1710 sets staffing standards which includes at least four (4) fire fighters on every engine company and ladder company and five (5) fire fighters on ladder companies in high density areas. 

These staffing standards are based on studies and determined by a consortium of participants including members of the fire service, municipalities business, and industry professionals. These staffing standards are minimum standards that ensure timely, safe, effective, and appropriate service levels for communities. 

With the increases population and density occurring in Seattle 5-person ladder companies become even more important than ever.

If elected, will you support five-person ladder companies where indicated and preserve four-person staffing on every fire engine and fire truck in Seattle?

Collective Bargaining

Collective Bargaining is a critical element of positive and effective labor relations. Public Employee Unions are a great asset in dealing with critical issues such as the severe government budget shortfalls we recently experienced. For example, in their 2008 contract negotiations Seattle Fire Fighters proposed and agreed to forego the minimum 2% cost of living increase for their entire 3 year contract to help the City of Seattle during the economic downturn. Then again, in the their current contract, Seattle Fire Fighters agreed to take significantly less than the cost of living for 2012 and 2013. These acts of leadership saved the City millions of dollars and demonstrated the value of a good relationship with workers. In other parts of the country we have seen more aggressive and antagonistic approaches to dealing with public employee unions that may save some money in the short term, but ultimately will destroy morale, decrease productivity, and set a poor example for all employers.

Our right to collectively bargaining is under attack.  Legislators in several states, including Washington, and multiple jurisdictions across this country are working with organizations such as the Freedom Foundation to pass ALEC-sponsored legislation that is detrimental to collective bargaining. The current legislation being pushed by this corporate- funded non-profit calls for public employee collective bargaining sessions to be open to the public in the interest of transparency.  This is not about transparency, it is about destroying unions. 

The goal of the ALEC legislation is to use the misinformed court of public opinion to cripple public unions and continue the march towards a country where greed has no antidote.  ALEC currently has some traction with this model legislation in Alaska, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, and Washington

Several organizations/offices in Seattle are in support of open collective bargaining for police officers.  These include, the Director of the Office of Professional Accountability, the Office of Professional Accountability Review Board, the Community Police Commission, and seemingly the Seattle City Attorney’s Office. Their support is just the crack in the door that the Freedom Foundation, the Washington Policy Center, ALEC and all the other union busting groups have been waiting for.  We have boards and commissions in Seattle that are playing right into the hands of organized labors’ enemy.  Just look at what is being posted on the website of the Freedom Foundation:  “Other periodicals agree with the Freedom Foundation’s Position”, and they go on to say, “Notes obtained through a public records request—show the Department of Justice, director of the Office of Professional Accountability (OPA), the OPA Auditor, the Community Police Commission (CPC), and the OPA Review Board agreed that the collective bargaining process should be made public.”  The Freedom Foundation is applauding what they see as a first step towards open collective bargaining for all. 

If elected, will you support the collective bargaining rights of Seattle Fire Fighters, City of Seattle employees, and all union employees and oppose any and all legislation, at the City or State level that reduces the rights and abilities of workers to collectively bargain with their employer?

If elected will you oppose efforts or legislation to ‘daylight” or open collective bargaining to the public?

So- called “Right to Work”

We have been seeing attacks on Labor Unions nationwide, with States attempting to enact Right-to-Work laws. These laws weaken Unions and significantly reduce an employee’s voice concerning wages, hours, and working conditions.

If elected, will you oppose and work to block any attempt to bring Right-to-Work laws to Washington State?

Safe Injection Sites

Safe Injection Sites have been proposed by some in response to the opioid crisis.

Safe-injection sites allow drug addicts to inject illegal drugs intravenously in a public facility. 

According to Dr. Caleb Banta-Green at the University of Washington, “It (safe injection sites) may not help with mortality rates. I suspect it does but it’s small. About 1 to 2 percent of opiate injectors die every year. So, you have to be studying thousands of people to see an effect of that.” 

Opponents of Safe Injection Sites emphasize the need for treatment facilities and counseling rather than condoning and normalizing this type of drug use. 

Fire fighters respond every day to people who use illegal drugs, including intravenous heroin users, and we know that condoning and supporting heroin addiction is the wrong path. Addiction to heroin is only part of the horror we see. Heroin use means crime, incarceration, and criminal predators, job loss, broken families, homelessness, child abuse, child prostitution, and more devastating effects. In terms of harm, allowing heroin addiction to continue creates extraordinary harm in a wide variety of ways. 

If elected, what is your position on this proposal?

Navigation Team

The City of Seattle has a Navigation Team which is a specially trained team comprised of outreach workers paired with Seattle Police Department (SPD) personnel, to connect unsheltered people existing in unsanitary, unhealthy, and inhuman conditions to housing and critical resources, while helping to address pervasive intolerable situations related to homelessness in Seattle.

If elected, how will you address the issue of unauthorized encampments?

If elected, will you support unauthorized homeless encampment sweeps?

If elected, will you support the Navigation Team?

If elected, how will you address the numerous conditions in public places in Seattle that create an unsafe working environment for fire fighters?

Prioritizing Basic Services including Public Safety

Public Safety is a core function of any municipal government. However, while the City of Seattle has grown astronomically, and the number of emergency responses has increased with that growth in both number and type of response, the Seattle Fire Department has remained static. In fact, the fire department has fewer fire fighters than in previous years. In addition to front line fire fighters, the Training Division is under-staffed, especially in light of the increased training demands caused by an intentional reduction in the number of fire fighters hired over the last decade. Staffing all of our fire engines and fire trucks is critical to protecting the citizens of Seattle and ensuring that there are enough fire engines and trucks is just as important. 

List some specific examples of how you will prioritize public safety if elected.


Good Afternoon.

Thank you for your message.

I’ve pledged to run a Transparent Campaign:

Could you clarify whether your questionnaire process is transparent? By that I mean, can the voters see all of the questions you pose and the responses that all of the candidates make?

Likewise, are the other steps of your endorsement process also transparent to the voters?

Thank you in advance for your response.

Kind regards,

Kate Martin


Dear Ms. Martin,

Seattle Fire Fighters, IAFF Local 27 is a labor union. Our primary mission is to represent our 1,000 members to protect their health, safety, and security. We also advocate for the highest quality service, equipment, and training to serve the citizens of Seattle. 

Our endorsement process is a private process designed to inform and educate our members in order to support candidates for office who will prioritize fire fighter Issues and public safety. We do not typically publish or distribute documents or information related to our endorsement process other than our endorsement itself unless it is in the interest of our members and/or public safety. 

I would be glad to answer any other specific questions you have 

Here are some new dates and times.  Please let us know if you are available.

Tuesday, March 5th





Friday, March 8th






Kenny Stuart


Seattle Fire Fighters Union, IAFF Local 27


Ladder Co. 8

Seattle Fire Department

“Do right, fear not.”


3-5-2019 repeat request

Dear Candidate,

Seattle Fire Fighters would like to commend you for seeking elected office. Fire Fighters truly understand the meaning, spirit, and sacrifice of public service and we hold our elected officials in the highest regard for their commitment to the citizens of Seattle.

Seattle Fire Fighters are active participants in the electoral process to maintain and advance the safety, health, and working conditions for Fire Fighters and to ensure that Public Safety is a priority for Seattle.

As the first step of our endorsement process, Seattle Fire Fighters invite you to complete our questionnaire attached.

We currently have a few appointments available March 18, 2019. Please let us know if you are available the following times. First-come-first-serve basis.










Seattle Fire Fighters Union, Local 27

517 2nd Avenue West

Seattle, WA 98119

Phone: 206.285.1271


3-8-2019 Repeat Request

Dear Candidate,

Seattle Fire Fighters would like to commend you for seeking elected office. Fire Fighters truly understand the meaning, spirit, and sacrifice of public service and we hold our elected officials in the highest regard for their commitment to the citizens of Seattle.

Seattle Fire Fighters are active participants in the electoral process to maintain and advance the safety, health, and working conditions for Fire Fighters and to ensure that public safety is a priority for Seattle.

As the first step of our endorsement process, Seattle Fire Fighters invite you to complete and return the attached questionnaire.

We currently have appointments available on March 18th, 19th, and 22nd. Please let us know if you are available any of the following times. These are filled on a first-come-first-served basis.

Monday, March 18th



Tuesday, March 19th








Friday, March 22nd


Thank you,

Seattle Fire Fighters Union, Local 27

517 2nd Avenue West

Seattle, WA 98119

Phone: 206.285.1271


February 28, 2019 Laborers Local 242

Morning Kate,

I would like to introduce myself and extend the opportunity to sit down with you in the near future and discuss your candidacy for Seattle City Council. I have attached our questionnaire, if you could take a moment to look it over and fill out. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me! If you would like to meet let me know what your next couple of weeks look like and we can go from there. THANKS!

Billy Hetherington

Assistant Political Director
206.441.0470 (Office)
206.552.3284 (Cell)
22323 Pacific Hwy. S.
Des Moines, WA 98198



LIUNA—the Laborers’ International Union of North America—is a strong and proud union of workers founded by immigrants in 1903. A half-million strong, we are united through collective bargaining agreements which help us earn family-supporting pay, good benefits, and the opportunity for advancement and better lives. Chartered as a construction union, LIUNA is also one of the most diverse and effective unions representing public employees, federal sector workers, and service contract workers. Members run LIUNA, electing officers at all levels and participating in the day-to-day affairs of their Local Unions. Members set priorities for contracts and are key to the union’s growth and success. The mission of LIUNA is implemented through nine Regions, more than 40 District Councils, and 380 Local Unions.

Laborers Local Union 242 represents over 5,000 members in King County. We work in all aspects of construction, both Buildings and Heavy Highway. We also have members who perform maintenance at the Port of Seattle, Seattle and King County Housing, Seattle Public School, Northshore and Lake Washington School Districts, and Seattle University. We are committed to our training programs and currently have over 500 registered Laborers Apprentices.

Laborers Local Union 242 members, retirees, and their families are looking for candidates who will do more than support our wages and benefits. We are looking for champions of the working class who can be counted on to fight for LIUNA members. To this end, our members canvass for candidates, make phone calls and most importantly, Vote!

Please fill out the questionnaire, return it and we will schedule an interview.

Dale W. Cannon
Manager/ Secretary Treasurer

Laborers Local 2422019
Laborers Local Union 242
Candidate Biographical Information
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Candidate for what office: Click here to enter text.               
Party Affiliation: Click here to enter text.
Political Background (offices held or currently held, offices ran for, party positions, etc.):                     

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Community or Organizational Memberships (past and present): Click here to enter text.

Current Occupation: Click here to enter text.

Current Employer: Click here to enter text.

Are you currently or have you ever been a member of a labor organization? Click here to enter text.

If yes, which labor organization? Click here to enter text.

Campaign Information

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Campaign Phone: Click here to enter text.                    Home Phone: Click here to enter text.

Email Address: Click here to enter text.                         Website Address: Click here to enter text.

Campaign Manager: Click here to enter text.                Phone Number: Click here to enter text.

Treasurer: Click here to enter text.                                  Phone Number: Click here to enter text.


Community Workforce Agreements/Project Labor Agreements

A Community Workforce Agreement (CWA) is based on the foundation and process of a nationally utilized Project Labor Agreement, a construction project tool for both public and private construction owners to facilitate community involvement and ensure labor harmony as administered by local, state or national Building Trades Councils. Over time these agreements have proven effective to save time, money and headache by the upfront agreement to project expectations.  Projects under CWAs avoid labor discord that could lead to pickets, strikes, misclassification or other conflicts concerning wages or working conditions.  CWA projects guarantee that the owner and the represented crafts will work together with the community to provide opportunity for pre-apprenticeship, apprenticeship and veteran employment to construct a quality project on time and on budget.

Will you make a personal commitment in your campaign and when elected to promote Community Workforce Agreements, based on Standard Project Labor Agreements, for all public construction projects?

___________ YES ____________ NO

Just Transition

Laborers Local 242 members work throughout the United States and the Puget Sound Region building and maintaining natural gas infrastructure. ML King County just enacted an Emergency Moratorium on construction of new fossil fuel facilities. We find this short side and not well thought out. There will be a need for transitional fuels, like natural gas, and we will need to insure workers have the necessary training to transition into meaningful employment in emerging industries.

What is your position on “Just Transition”?

Prevailing Wage

Prevailing wage laws have ensured a living wage for construction workers for decades, giving Americans the chance to get ahead and prosper. The Davis-Bacon Act, state prevailing wage laws, the Service Contract Act, and related statutes require locally prevailing wage rates and benefits be paid to construction workers on projects that are taxpayer funded. Prevailing wage laws establish a wage floor to keep low road contractors from driving down local standards of living. These laws protect paychecks, defend taxpayers and create jobs. In Washington State, some projects are exempted from prevailing wage.

Would you support requiring prevailing wage on any project that receives a public subsidy to include: loan from the state or any county, municipality, or political subdivision; the work occurs on land that a party to the contract leases from the state or any county, municipality, or political subdivision; the work occurs on land that a party to the contract purchased from the state or any county, municipality, or political subdivision for less than fair market value as determined by the state, county, municipality, or political subdivision at the time of the sale; or one or more parties to the contract received or will receive a qualifying tax preference?

___________ YES ____________ NO

Across the nation prevailing wage laws are under attack. Do you oppose legislation that undermines prevailing wage laws and will you work to end exemptions?

___________ YES ____________ NO


Hi Billy.

Thank you for your message.

I’ve pledged to run a Transparent Campaign:

Could you clarify whether your questionnaire process is transparent? By that I mean, can the voters see all of the questions you pose and the responses that all of the candidates make?

Likewise, are the other steps of your endorsement process also transparent to the voters?

Thank you in advance for your response.

Kind regards,

Kate Martin


January 25, 2019 UAW Local 4121


UAW Local 4121 is the union at the University of Washington for over 5000 Academic Student Employees and Postdoctoral Researchers.  We are beginning our candidate endorsement process for the Seattle City Council election and would like to learn more about your candidacy.  If you are interested in participating in this process, please fill out and return the attached questionnaire to by 5:00 PM on Friday Feb 8, 2019.

We appreciate your willingness to serve and look forward to your response.


Dylan Mayer
Recording Secretary
UAW Local 4121
2066336080 (Office)

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