Vote for Kate Martin for City Council District 6

We have lots of ways that you can help Kate’s campaign and we would love to add you to the team. (Scroll down to learn about the management-level opportunities that we have.)

Thank you for filling out this form. It will help us to match you to the opportunities that we have.

Here are some management-level volunteer opportunities that we have:

Campaign Manager: The campaign manager comes into the office to work with Kate and special teams to keep the campaign capacity ever growing. The job involves helping Kate all the time with everything 🙂 including scheduling, events, and all aspects of coordinating the campaign. Could be shared by a couple of people. Needs 20 hours a week now. Much more later. The glory comes with the win.

Volunteer Coordinator: The volunteer coordinator helps organize the teams and gets folks plugged in when they step up to volunteer. The glory comes with a win.

Treasurer: The treasurer helps Kate report all of the expenditures and contributions with the ORCA filing system. We file reports to the Public Disclosure Commission in Olympia and Seattle Ethics and Elections. There is training and anyone who enjoys bookkeeping and accounting will like this job. It’s a very easy system to learn. With Democracy Vouchers, we expect a fair amount of work from March – November. Needs 2 – 5 hours a week split over a couple of days here in the office so we can stay compliant. The glory comes with the win.

Event Coordinator: The event coordinator helps Kate strategize event logistics throughout District 6 to maximize voter exposure and neighborhood awareness at 1-3 small events a week and 1 – 2 larger monthly event. More events later. The glory comes with the win.

Technology and Communications: Kate is running a transparent campaign. She needs someone to moderate and manage a website where a specific set of questions to candidates will be centralized. Candidates will be able to answer the question and update their responses until the Voter Guide deadlines. Voters will be able to comment under their own names. The glory comes with helping this become the way candidate questionnaires and interviews are handled in the future.

Neighborhood Team Leaders: Help Kate to coordinate a neighborhood team in your part of District 6 so we can reach voters with events, doorbelling and more. The glory comes with a win.