Prepared. Practical. Progressive.

KATE MARTIN is in the race to become the next District 6 Seattle City Councilmember.  A “small d” democrat running independent of party affiliation, Kate thinks it’s absolutely time for District 6 to have a councilmember who represents them, not outside interests. After all, isn’t that the whole point of District Elections? 

These are some of the themes you can expect to see weaving through Kate’s campaign: #prosperityforall #therighttorecover #gentledensity #owneroccupiedcommunities #savingsplaces #carrotsnotsticks #preventionissustainable #thefirst1000days #seattleyouthboosters

“Kate’s been around the block.”

A 32-year resident of District 6, Kate is a successful planner and designer with the knowledge and professional problem-solving experience needed to effectively address Seattle’s growing pains.  She is both pragmatic and creative and will make sure we’re actually solving problems and setting the table for the next generation, not just blowing our wad tamping down symptoms. 

Kate promises to bring a new era of sanity. She is out on the campaign trail listening and looks forward to talking to you as she doorbells the neighborhoods and business districts.  

“Let them meet Kate!” 

Call Kate to set up a meeting or “walk and talk” around Green Lake to share your perspective and learn about Kate’s campaign.  (206) 579-3703. 

Make Kate your candidate in the District 6 race. 

Thanks for your support!