Kate Martin for City Council District 6

Vote for Kate Martin for City Council District 6

This is fixable.

I have a passion for public policy and a 30-year career as a professional planner and designer developing practical and creative ideas that work. I never stop studying, learning, analyzing and synthesizing solutions. It’s what I love to do.

I’ve been preparing for this job for 20 years and I represent the kind of change that fixes problems, not symptoms. As a 33-year District 6 resident, I’ve been relentlessly engaged in local, citywide, and school district issues since the 90s.

I am a non-partisan, “small d” democrat. You can count on me for effective responses to our most challenging issues, not political ideology. We need evidence-based responses, both upstream and downstream, not identity politics and virtue signaling.

With my history of local participation and decades running my own business, I will continue to be a champion of our neighborhoods and small businesses.

We have the opportunity through district elections to create our own unique vision for the future that comes from us, not downtown. I will enable the creation and implementation of that vision as your new District 6 councilmember.

Our current council has lost touch with the basics of government function – public health and safety, transportation systems that move, infrastructure investment planning for the future and maintaining what we already have, growth strategies that don’t displace everyone who was already here, and budget prudence that is responsible, not unaccountable spending.

My name is Kate Martin and I seek your support to become the next District 6 City Councilmember.

I am participating in the City of Seattle Democracy Vouchers Program, so I encourage you to “Vouch for Kate”.

Please make a $10 or larger contribution of your own money to my campaign so that I can start cashing Democracy Vouchers in May. Thanks for your support!

Thanks for your support!