Kate Martin for City Council District 6

Vote for Kate Martin for City Council District 6

The biggest challenges that Seattle faces are fixable.

Every day out on the campaign trail, people tell me they’re more than ready for results from our public and private investments in the crisis of broke and broken people. We see with our own eyes that things are getting worse, not better. Denial and public relations smooth-overs by City Hall will not convince us otherwise.

More locals and transplants are becoming homeless, lawlessness and disorder rule, mental illness and addiction go untreated, affordable housing and business spaces become harder to find or hang onto and moving around our inadequate transportation system has become more difficult.

The basic services we should expect from our government are bungled, underbudgeted, or left undone.

I represent the change that’s needed.

A “small d” democrat, conservative progressive, and professional planner and designer with decades of involvement in neighborhood, city wide and school district issues, I have a passion for great public policy and a deep understanding of the issues. My problem-solving skills allow me to bring forward practical, affordable, and creative solutions.

We must get at the sources of our problems, not just treat symptoms.

The systems feeding our crises must be addressed, or we won’t make much progress. For instance, we can make strategic investments that better support the first 1000 days of children’s lives, improve education so that it engages teenagers, and increase our support for foster children transitioning into adulthood at 18.  

Owner-occupied Communities are the answer.   

City Hall’s plan for growth that displaces everyone already here is ridiculous and their efforts to set the table for Real Estate Investment Trusts to greedily gobble up the goodness of our neighborhoods are corrupt. Single-family zoning rebranded to Sustainable Families and Groups, with incentives for homeowners to tuck housing for others onto their lots, would bring us the affordable housing we need.

The cost of healthcare is killing the middle class and hurting businesses.  

We could all have great coverage at an affordable price, if we opened the City of Seattle self-insured healthcare pool up to anyone who lives or works in Seattle. Access to that pool would benefit residents, workers, and businesses tremendously, while costing the city nothing.

Count on me to bring an unending stream of ideas that work to District 6 and beyond.   

Your Democracy Vouchers and volunteer efforts will assure my victory.

Visit  https://www.putkateonthecouncil.org/volunteer/

– Kate Martin (206) 579-3703, katemartin@putkateonthecouncil.org

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