Prepared. Practical. Progressive.

Greetings residents and businesses from Green Lake to Golden Gardens and Blue Ridge to Fremont.

District 6 has been without representation on the city council. Let’s fix that.

As a District 6 resident for 33 years, I’ve been relentlessly engaged in local, citywide, and school district issues since the 90s and my career as a professional planner and designer has given me decades of experience developing practical and creative ideas that work. I thrive on collaboration and doing the “deep dive” into issues which are needed to develop effective policy and legislation.

Our crisis-level problems including the epidemic of broke and broken people, rampant crime, incivility and disorder, and the lack of affordable housing and business space require immediate responses upstream and downstream.

Count on me to address rudderless spending, poorly managed growth, and top-down legislative attacks on our neighborhoods and small businesses.

I’d be honored to have your support.

“Vouch for Kate”

I am participating in the City of Seattle Democracy Vouchers program, a publicly funded campaign finance system where candidates agree to put a lid on campaign spending. If you are a Seattle voter, four $25 Democracy Vouchers came to you in the mail in mid-February. Please consider contributing all or some of your vouchers to my campaign. Just write Kate Martin on the voucher, sign it, and either give it to me or mail it in the envelope that’s in your packet. Thank you for your help.

Your contribution to my campaign will make all the difference.

Thanks for your support!