How to get smaller lips

How to get smaller lips

How to get smaller lips
How to get smaller lips

Do you feel like you want a smaller lip? Do you want to know how to get smaller lips? Then it’s very simple and it’s easy to make the lips smaller.

Do regular exercises drinks plenty of water and use conceal around the lips make lips appear smaller? Prefer to use lip pencil during lip line.

Tips and Treatment for lip

Make big lips looks smallerLips are in the midst of the face. Dark lipstick and lip color attracts everyone. Sometimes people feel like larger lips suits for kissing some feels short lips attract people. Here are some best tips to make your lip smaller and cute.

Do regular cleaning of lips. This moisturizes the lip and the face. Failure of cleaning leads to dark lips. The cleaning of lips helps to remove dust, dryness, dirt particles and wounds in the lips.

Do regular moisturizing makes smoothness to the lip. A lot of moisturizers is available in the market. Many brand moisturizers are used to avoid allergy to the skin. Regular use of honey on lips is the best home remedy. A regular makeup on lip make your lips look smaller.

Make up tips to make your lips look smaller

Make your lips look smallerThe use of foundation cream helps to improve the lip color. Use a cosmetic sponge to make skin softer and apply foundation cream over the face.

Lip concealer helps to conceal the natural lips. Select the concealer based on your skin tone. Use different color shades but similar color palette on the upper and lower lip.

After concealer, apply lip liner helps to show your lips smaller and thinner. It’s preferred to choose a neutral color based on skin tone. Apply this liner on the surrounding of the lips. Make it darker around 1mm in the lip.

Now it’s time to apply the matching lipstick for the costumes. It’s preferred to choose a light color lipstick for the day events and dark color for night functions. Try to avoid glossy or shiny lipstick.

This makeup tips helps to make big lips look smaller.

Natural Method of make big lips looks smaller

Beautiful small lipDo regular lips exercise? This reduces your lip size. First, put your lower lip on your upper lip and start to smile wider. Second, try to do tongue twisters. Third, move your mouth down and starts to smile. Do these steps repeatedly, to get beautiful smaller lips.

Take plenty of water like 6-8 glasses of water every day. Water intake is good for health and also it reduces the body heat. Glass of water intake helps the lips from dryness and keep moisture throughout the day.

Lip Augmentation

Many skin treatments and surgery are available in the market. The doctors reduce the lips size in surgery. This treatment cause side effects hence it’s not recommended. Many side effects occur after surgery like swelling, itching and bruising. Always choose to go for a natural remedy to make lips appear smaller

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