Choose the best relaxer for your hair

Choose the best relaxer for your hair

Choose the best relaxer for your hair
Choose the best relaxer for your hair

The hairs are the sensitive part of our body. Maintain the hairs play a vital role in health performance. To massage your hair always choose the best relaxer for your hair. Hair protects the body from heat, helps to look stylish and gorgeous, prevent from direct sun hit, coloring in hair attracts beauty to the face, and genuinely add to the look.

Best way to choose the relaxer for your hair type

Hair Type

As the hairs are more sensitive to the body, it’s very important to choose the relaxer according to your hair type; this gives healthy scalps and removes stress. Before you choose the relaxer, know about your hair types.

The hairs may be thick, thin, smooth, fine texture, curly, coil, and comes with different color like black, white, grey, brown, etc.

Now the questions arise is your relaxer damaging your hair? How to choose the best relaxer?

There are three relaxers are usually available – regular, mild, and strong. Choose the correct relaxer based on your hair type. For the finest hair use mild type, for coarse hair use super formula type, and for thick hairs use super strength relaxer.

Always prefer to use experienced relaxed for your damaged hair to avoid damages in hair. The thick hair may be the mass of fine strand. Initially, start with mild formula later spread to super strength formulas to strengthen your hair.

Lye or No-lye Formula for relaxer

Choose the best relaxer

Usually, relaxers come with lye or no-lye formula. When you choose a relaxer for your hair type prefer to choose no-lye formula. Lye formula strengthens your hair but the chemicals found in the lye may cause damages to your hair.

To straighten the hair, use lye in an adequate temperature with low quantity helps to moisturize the hair and softens it. For sensitive skin always use no-lye formula. When you apply lye on sensitive skin leads to damage the skin and hairs.

Got confused to choose the best relaxer for your hair? Don’t worry, relaxers are experienced they help you to find which type formula used for your hairstyle and hair growth.

Relaxer for your hair type

Relaxers type

Many experienced relaxers and best practitioners are available in the market. Some of the most popular relaxers are Affirm, Mizani, African pride, and Phyto. They use both lye and no-lye formula according to the hair types. It’s important to choose the correct relaxer for the perfect relaxing.

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